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Higher Ed Financial Resources Grow

In our journey within the Higher Education sphere, we continue to make strides in expanding our repository of resources tailored to meet the educational needs of both students and faculty. Welcoming two distinguished publishing partners, Proverto Educational Publishers and FinSavvy, our platform continues to evolve with world-class content.

Proverto, an expert in printed media, creatively merges advertising and subject information in school study guides. This innovative approach not only boosts awareness of further study opportunities but also provides valuable career guidance for learners and school leavers alike. Proverto Publisher passionately embraces the belief that education is the key driving force towards success and excellence. This resonates deeply with our own unwavering commitment to making education more accessible and engaging.

Proverto Educational Publisher’s catalogue is now available on Snapplify and caters specifically to university finance students. 

We’re delighted that our new partnership with FinSavvy expands the financial resource range that we offer. FinSavvy has a resolute mandate to empower all citizens with financial literacy, fostering self-sufficiency and offering equal opportunities for autonomous living. Their catalogue is now available on Snapplify Engage, contributing to our vision of a platform that not only educates but also transforms lives.

By ensuring that these valuable resources are within reach for both educators and learners, we collectively aspire to foster a generation that is skilled and well-informed, prepared to unlock their complete capabilities and actively contribute to the prosperous growth of South Africa. Partnering with Proverto and FinSavvy is a pivotal step toward achieving this vision, fostering a rich ecosystem of education that propels both individuals and the nation toward excellence.


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