Centralise e-learning

Snapplify Education empowers secondary schools with a single platform to manage all the aspects of their digital learning.

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Simplify annual prescribed book orders

Snapplify Education’s self-service platform gives you full control over your prescribed book orders.

Parents and schools get extra time to finalise payment for e-textbooks, while students and educators have access to textbooks from day one.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Snapplify works seamlessly alongside other e-learning tools at your school, ensuring minimal disruption.

Our solutions integrate with leading Single Sign On and Directory integration partners, other education product suites, and hundreds of LMSes.

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Integrate with your favourite tools

Why schools choose Snapplify Education

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Keep students actively engaged

Share teacher-created content and multimedia resources with your students to make learning fun.

You can even include notes and highlights in resources to help students navigate their prescribed materials more easily, and include links to external sources.

Get more value

Extensive catalogue

Bestselling fiction and non-fiction titles, and thousands of free ebooks.

Wide device support

Use your existing devices with Snapplify Education.

Greater flexibility

Snapplify solutions can be accessed at home and at school.

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