Helping you achieve your educational goals

Harnessing technology to solve large scale educational challenges.

Streamline your textbook distribution

Helping you Improve textbook access with large-scale e-textbook deployment.

Free e-library to grow literacy

Inspire reading with a digital library that comes with tens  of thousand of books at no cost.

Free authentication technology

Simplifying digital implementation and increase data security with our centralised  user account management

Partnered with thousands of local and international publishers on one platform

Designed for governments

We have been impressed by Snapplify’s comprehensive training and support, as well as the excellent technology and educational resources that they have made easily available. Thousands of our learners have already been able to access a broad range of quality educational content through the Snapplify platform”.

Lutho Kota, Department of Education South Africa


Working alongside many government education departments across the world

Deliver your e-textbooks effectively

  • Access books by local and international publishers.
  • Purchase hardcopy and digital textbooks in one place.
  •  Teaches get free access to textbooks and teacher guides.

Free e - library to grow literacy

  • Convenient access to books, on and off campus, 24/7.
  • Say goodbye to administrative tasks with automated features.
  • Access to over 50,000 free books in all 11 official languages.

Simplified user management

  • Enable safe  login with existing identity management systems.
  •  Ensure privacy compliance and easy data management.
  • Seamlessly integrate with over 600 digital education tools.

Trusted by government partners

Proven track record on large-scale government e-learning projects.
Refined, scalable processes enable fast, effective content deployment.
Reporting tools and student reading behaviour analytics to track efficacy.

Partnered with global leaders in education