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In the pursuit of unleashing the true potential of learners, we recognise the importance of providing content that resonates deeply with them. Barriers, whether linguistic or related to the nature of learning materials, can stifle imagination and hinder progress. Our goal is to partner with as many publishers as possible, to enable learners to access educational content in their preferred language, and to ensure that that digital resources are available to all.

Diving into the rich world of proudly South African fiction, PEZ Publishers, founded by Phumani Emmanuel Zondi from Pietermaritzburg, is making a significant impact with his isiZulu, isiXhosa and Sotho titles. The collection, now available on Snapplify, brings literacy learning to life across the CAPS curriculum and in leisure reading.

Excitingly, the Mwabu catalogue is also now accessible on Snapplify, offering a world of interactive content. Mwabu’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission to make world-class content both affordable and effective. Their cutting-edge technology empowers African primary school teachers, even in challenging rural landscapes, fostering meaningful engagement among students.

We further welcome Marumo Publishers to Engage and we celebrate their dedication to the educational upliftment of all South African communities. Their commitment to achieving excellence in education resonates with our belief that education is the key to prosperity. View their catalogue here.

Daveshoope Webmasters, known for their tech, coding, and startup education for kids and teenagers, are making waves in igniting innovation in young minds. Check out their Early Coding Books – a fantastic series of 5 books that guide children on programming computers from around the age of five. These books are crafted for use by parents at home or teachers at school, marking a significant milestone as the first coding textbooks for children in Africa. This also marks a greater expansion in the Nigeria region.

At Snapplify, we champion linguistic inclusivity. Join our diverse array of world-class publishers and share your content with millions of learners worldwide. Together, let’s foster collaboration, and empower learners to reach their full potential.

Whether you specialise in innovative study guides, cutting-edge learning resources, or interactive educational content, reach out to to become a publishing partner.


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