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Content growth as Aus market expands

Welcome Allen & Unwin, The Educational Advantage and Logonliteracy.

Snapplify is growing our reach in Australia, introducing free e-library technology, educational resources and world-class content to various regions. This strategic move aligns with our successful growth across Africa, exemplified by recent large-scale partnerships in Tanzania.

Expanding into Australia, Snapplify enters a promising landscape with a strong education system and tech adoption. Positioned for collaboration and influence, this move aligns with Australia’s innovation focus and government-backed digital transformation in education, presenting significant opportunities for edtech solutions and future educational impact.

Our award-winning platform is already a preferred choice for thousands of schools, colleges, and universities, facilitating daily teaching, learning, and access to digital educational content. We are committed to growing this offering, prioritising the expansion into new markets. This not only involves providing over 50,000 free resources but also rapidly growing local content by partnering with region-specific publishers.

One recent significant partnership supporting our growth efforts is with Allen & Unwin, Australia’s leading independent publisher and the 2023 Publisher of the Year. With a rich catalogue of around 250 new titles annually, Allen & Unwin adds diverse literary and commercial fiction, general non-fiction, lifestyle titles, and books for children and young adults to Snapplify’s platform.

We further our partnerships with Logonliteracy founded by Pat Hipwell, a dedicated hub for transformative literacy activities designed to elevate students’ learning experiences. 

Born out of a recognition of the changing educational landscape, Logonliteracy is at the forefront of equipping students with essential literacy skills adaptable to diverse contexts. Understanding the pivotal role literacy plays in shaping a student’s success, their mission is centred on preparing them for the multifaceted challenges of today’s educational landscape. Explore Logonliteracy’s catalogue now on Snapplify Engage.

Our offerings also include a teacher marketplace, enriching educators with diverse classroom materials and fostering professional development. The commitment to accessibility and engagement ensures interactive learning and continuous professional growth. Publishers joining Snapplify’s Teacha! Benefits programme secure over 100,000 teachers’ free access to their catalogue via our platform. Engage users with a ‘Teacher’ role can claim one month of free access to select books, encouraging collaboration and growth.

By joining Teacha! Benefits’ innovative initiative, The Educational Advantage grants educators access to sample eBook content via Snapplify Engage. The Educational Advantage, a pioneer in the Teacha! Benefits programme, has been providing mathematics materials in Australia since 1995. Their Maths Mate programme, embraced by teachers, parents, and students, simplifies mastering mathematical skills and has helped over 5 million students achieve higher levels of maths proficiency in the last 25 years. See their catalogue here.

We look forward to you joining other leading publishers in the Teacha! Benefits program. If you are looking to add your content to our comprehensive list of esteemed publishers – reach out to


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