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New game-changing publishing partners

We welcome the following game-changing publishers to Snapplify Engage: OmniScriptum, Consumo Publishers, and Thabang Tsolo.

Unlocking the full potential of an e-library platform involves recognising the invaluable impact of diversified content. Beyond a mere assortment of subjects, a rich and varied library transforms the learning experience, catering to diverse learning styles and preferences while seamlessly adapting to different curricula, and fostering a comprehensive and inclusive educational environment

We continue to commit to being a dynamic and relevant player in the ever-evolving landscape of education, meeting the varied needs of students and educators alike through the addition of world-class publishing partners. 

OmniScriptum, with LAP Lambert Academic Publishing as one of its notable imprints, is a required publisher for the Tshwane University of Technology and the partnership greatly supports our higher-ed offering. For readers, OmniScriptum’s expansive approach to publishing translates into a rich and varied literary landscape. With a portfolio encompassing over 45 imprints, this publishing group, fuelled by a dedicated team of over 200 professionals, empowers authors globally to publish their books across various genres and languages at no cost

We share their commitment to internationalisation, especially in growing markets like Asia and Africa, which suggests an evolving collection that reflects diverse perspectives and themes. As OmniScriptum continues to welcome authors from various cultures, and continents, readers can anticipate a dynamic and inclusive library that encourages the exchange of knowledge and ideas. See their catalogue here.

Consumo Publishers enthusiastically joins our platform, bringing their entire catalogue on board. This notable inclusion not only fulfils the needs sought by The King’s College and Prep School but also marks a substantial expansion of our Engage Library catalogue. 

Consumo Publishers are committed to crafting high-quality educational materials that aid both students and teachers in various subjects, including Business Studies, EMS, Accounting, Life Orientation, and AP Physics. Their dedication to staying current is evident as they routinely update all our textbooks to ensure continued relevance.

Having Thabango Tsolo‚Äôs content on Snapplify has been a solid step towards empowering local publishers. Tsolo’s catalogue hosts three SeSotho CAPS-aligned titles. 

Thabang Tsolo, a self-published author from the township of Jouberton, North West, draws inspiration from the Setswana language spoken by the majority in his community. His writing aims to instil pride in the youth for their language. Since promoting mother-tongue literacy is one of our core values – we are thrilled to include his work.

We look forward to further expanding our library content and offering our readers top-notch content. To add your content to Snapplify Engage, reach out to us at


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