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Pan-African Publishing Partners join Teacha! Benefits

Teacha! Benefits is an innovative initiative allowing educators access to sample eBook content via Snapplify Engage — when a publisher opts to enroll in Snapplify’s complementary Teacha! Benefits program, their catalogue becomes securely accessible for review by over 100,000 teachers via the platform.

This provides a welcome relief for educators, easing the pressure around textbook purchasing.

As the current year concludes and schools prepare for the upcoming academic year’s textbook selection, the program facilitates the examination of ebook content. This enables educators to identify the most suitable materials for their grade before making a purchase. In the past, school awareness of available catalogues may have been limited, but now publishers can take advantage of the opportunity to provide samples of top-notch content, thereby expanding their customer base.

Its ability to link need with solution is just one of the reasons this program is excellent.

We welcome the following publishers who have recently signed up for the Teacha! Benefits program.

The Snapplify Engage platform now features the Oxford University Press South Africa catalogue, marking a significant expansion of featured quality content. With a century of expertise in South Africa, OUP is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable educational support tailored to the needs of learners, students, teachers, and lecturers in Southern Africa. Renowned as South Africa’s premier dictionary and literacy publisher, they offer a broad range of curriculum-compliant materials in multiple languages. Backed by local experts, they have published over 2,700 books and continue to make a positive impact on teaching and learning in the region. Explore their catalogue here.

Collegium Educational Publishers’ catalogue is now accessible on Snapplify Engage, marking them as the first Botswana publisher to have their content included in Teacha! Benefits.

Collegium Educational Publishers are proud suppliers of both Collegium and Pentagon books to schools throughout Botswana and have been a proud supporter of local authors, education and literacy throughout the country over the past 20 years.

Our teacher community in Kenya can now interact with and sample Bookmark Africa Publishers content via the Teacha! Benefits program.

Their content is CBC curriculum-aligned with Bookmark Africa Publishers being the leading publisher in Kenya of pre-school materials for classroom and home-based learning, early grade reading, and digital learning solutions.

Pulse Education Services’ catalogue is now available on Snapplify Engage with Teacha! Benefits and supports teachers with educational materials and teaching resources, globally.

Pulse Education Services cc was originally established to publish and distribute Study Guides in Biology (now Life Sciences). Currently, they publish and supply a wide range of Learning and Teaching Support Materials (LTSMs) for Life Sciences in Grades 10, 11 and 12, based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS).

If you are interested in contributing your content to our extensive roster of esteemed publishers, please contact us at Furthermore, see how Snapplify is reaching communities all over Africa with our UNESCO-endorsed e-library project.


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