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Spend your Snapplify Credit

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Does your child’s school use Snapplify Engage? Use your credit towards your child’s prescribed textbooks.

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Shop for e-textbooks from Grade R to university level, as well as bestselling fiction and non-fiction.

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Choose from thousands of teaching resources made by teachers, for teachers (and parents!).

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Use your Snapplify Credit to pay for your online stationery order. Plus, when you sign in with Snapplify, you get an additional 20% off.

How do I get Snapplify Credit?

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Buy a Snapplify voucher using your FNB eBucks on the FNB eBucks store.

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Redeem your voucher to load Snapplify Credit onto your Snapplify account.

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Spend your Snapplify Credit on any of the options listed above.

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