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Snapplify continues to grow in Kenya

Snapplify’s ongoing presence in the East African region has been instrumental in driving ebook adoption and increasing accessibility to books in the Kenyan market. Now, a new partnership between the global edtech company and leading bookstore chain Text Book Centre will make over 240 000 titles available to the bookseller’s wide-ranging clientele.

As the biggest retailer of academic and educational books in Kenya, Text Book Centre is trusted by schools and well-known to book-buyers. The partnership with Snapplify will enable the retailer to sell ebooks – including quality educational resources, and leisure reads by local and international authors – to existing customers, as well as new markets they may not have reached previously.

With offices in Nairobi, Snapplify has a long-established presence in the region and is continually working on interventions to make ebooks more accessible. Last year, Snapplify launched their online retail store,, which is integrated with local payment gateways including the popular payment option, M-Pesa.‘Text Book Centre has been trusted by generations of Kenyan readers. Part of maintaining that trust means continually adapting to market trends and fulfilling customer needs. We’ve always strived to encourage reading and make it easier for our customers to access educational and general reading materials. Now, we’re excited to be partnering with Snapplify to bring even more books to East African readers and drive the development of this local market in innovative ways,’ said Rajiv Chowdhry, Text Book Centre’s Managing Director.

Snapplify has a long history of working to improve access to books in Africa. Snapplify’s award-winning Snappbox – a hardware distribution solution for ebooks – has increased affordable access to digital books where internet connectivity is limited or expensive. Similarly, Snapplify’s recent partnership with telecom, media and technology company Econet sees Snapplify expanding into Zimbabwe, where Econet plans to launch a new online bookstore using Snapplify technology. Ebooks sold via Econet’s Akello Books store will receive a zero rating from Econet, meaning customers will be able to download books without being charged for data. Snapplify has also worked together with other stakeholders on a project in South Africa that aims to bring technology and e-learning to all public schools in the Gauteng province by 2021.

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